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"Renew yourself, renew your family, and renew the Church"


Join us for a chance to rediscover a relationship with Christ. The Life in Christ Series (LCS) presents the Christian faith at its core through a series of interactive sessions. Each session looks at a different aspect of our faith and engage in conversation with others about it.

What to Expect:

What to Expect:

Life in Christ Series for Adults and Young Adults


To accommodate our busy lives, we hold these sessions either in

  • Ten Weekly sessions for a couple hours a week

  • Two One-day sessions usually given on consecutive weekends

  • One weekend session whole day Saturday and Sunday


A Typical Session:



Food brings people together, whether it is a quick bite at a café or a hearty meal with family and friends at a table, we are sure to provide.



Taking time to enjoy each other's company is important. We are a welcoming community so do not be a stranger.



Music brings people together and it expresses so much. Whether you are the next pop idol or just sing in the shower, we sing our praises to God. In the words of St. Augustine, "Singing is twice praying," after all.



We dive into the big issues about faith and try to grasp the basics of Christianity, the talks are usually given live with people sharing the teachings of Christianity as well their own personal experience of living the Christian life.




After each talk,  we break into small groups and let people share their thoughts and ideas about the topic. There is no obligation to say anything and there is nothing that you cannot say. This time is a opportunity to share your own perspective in an honest, friendly, and open environment.

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